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Teak Hut | Teak Decking Systems

Teak Hut | Teak Decking Systems

The Teakhut

A retail outlet shop, owned & operated by Teakdecking Systems, Inc., is staffed by professionals in the field of teak decking. We can provide you with quality supplies and expert solutions for repair and maintenance of your teak deck. 

Fastest Service: Call Roberto Centurion at The Teakhut 941-755-5887.

World's Leader in Pre-Manufactured Custom Teak Decks

TEAKDECKING SYSTEMS® is the original and premier manufacturer of pre-manufactured custom teak decks and interior floors for yachts and ships--AND also the largest. From our more than 100,000 square-foot (9,300m2) manufacturing plant in Sarasota, Florida, we supply the yachting market with over 125,000 square feet (11,600m2) of teak decks each year. Customers include everyone from do-it-yourself small boat owners to high volume production boat builders, custom yacht builders, boatyards, and major shipyards around the world, as well as cruiseliners. 


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